3rd Annual BBF Tournament

3rd Annual BBF Tournament is up and running at the Bad Boy Forever Community. Go check it out and remember to vote your favourite! Mayby the winner will get featured in some future BBF projects…

B5 posting in the forums!

Boys from the B5 (carnell & Patrick) was here yesterday and talking to their fans! You can read more about it here and check also other topics about B5 here.

B5 premiers their video "All I Do"

Check the video out. For more info on B5 and pics from the video shoot check our board!

BadBoyForever.com Tournament finals!

We have been having good times in the Tournament and it’s now in the final stage. Go see the Final battle Ghettowitchdoctor Vs. Reek Da God and the battle for 3rd place 3 The Hardway Vs. Kingkenodnc. Remember to vote and remember to join to the next tournament!