Diddy says God is his "Secret Weapon"

There’s nobody who has had a greater influence in Diddy’s life than the big man in the clouds. If it wasn’t for Him, this rapper would still be stuck with J.Lo.

Sean “Diddy” Combs – who is reportedly worth $300 million – says all his bling-bling and fashionable ghetto-fabulous wear is attributed to the man working through him from up above.

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Diddy: Criticism made me a better artist

To all the critics who think their snarky words fall on deaf ears, take heart: Diddy says he not only listened to past digs at his rap talent, but the criticism helped him make his best album to date with “Press Play.”

“Press Play” debuted at the top of the charts this week with approximately 170,000 CDs sold, the first time he’s been at No. 1 in almost 10 years. The album boasts an all-star list of collaborations _ including Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx and Nas _ and features a variety of new musical sounds from Diddy. He even sings on one track.

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Diddy: Bling is corny

Once renowned for his jewellery and designer apparel, P Diddy has now said that he's dropping his former blinged-up image.

He told the Guardian recently: “A car or a piece of jewellery can come and go.”

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