The Lockness Monster

The world met E Ness on Diddy’s hit MTV show Makin’ Da Band as the Philadelphia native who was the captain of the group that debuted #2 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

He’s gone from fetching Diddy cheesecakes to being Diddy’ leading man over at Bad Boy. Reppin’ the City of Brotherly Love, Ness aka. The Lockness Monster hooks up with The Aphilliates to bring you his latest official mixtape jumpoff.

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Still a Bad Boy: E. Ness (Formerly of Da Band)

Q: Are you still signed to Bad Boy?

E. Ness: I’m definitely still signed to Bad Boy/Warner Bros. Basically when we was on “Da Band” we was under Universal that was our distribution that we had. Were not with Universal anymore were with Warner Bros so it’s a whole different marketing team and whole different staff over there. Basically Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles are Puff’s bosses and Puff is my boss, so Puff just brings the project to them and they press it up.

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Elliot Ness

Elliott Ness

E. Ness of P. Diddy’s hit group, Da Band and the widely successful MTV show, Making of the Band, has established an incredible buzz throughout the hip-hop industry similar to the buzz that proceeded the success of the leading Billboard multi-platinum Rappers: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Ludacris.

Ness, who is frequently called the “Captain” and “a thinker” by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs himself, has played an influential role in the success of the group which debuted at number 2 on Billboard Top 200 albums in the country. As a current cast member of MTV’s number one rated television show, Ness has learned lessons in visual media and the importance of being a professional. The show has been a national introduction for Ness, furthering his quest to be a vital figure in the entertainment industry which includes the music, fashion, film and TV aspects of the industry. Ness has since appeared on various talk shows such as The View, CNN Live and MTV’s TRL to name a few.

Similar to his rap predecessors, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Ludacris; Ness was also the product of an impoverished environment. While others may have allowed the struggle of the streets to deter them, Ness began writing songs about the streets to create opportunities for himself. His friends encouraged him to continue developing his musical talent referring to him as “Elliot Ness” or “E.Ness” due to his unique rap lyrics which have the potential to “clean up the rap game.” He will take the music industry in a new and better direction just as the Hollywood character, Elliot Ness, cleaned up the streets of Chicago from crime by arresting gangster Al Capone.

A distinct voice and intriguing rap word play are just two of the characteristics that distinguish this aspiring new Bad Boy Entertainment artist. Ness, whose real name is Lloyd E. Mathis is a 25 year old native of Philadelphia, PA. Ness began his music career in 1984 as a hip hop, R&B and “break dancer” who competed in local talent shows and artist showcases. Emulating his performances after one of the greatest R&B entertainers, Michael Jackson, Ness realized that he had a rare talent for captivating an audience. Along with dancing, Ness had a passion for rhyming. Inspired by rap artists/groups KRS-1, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Daddy Kane and Eric B. and Rakim, Ness began developing a lyrical style of his own.

By the age of 12, Ness had been recruited by Mickey Davis, who was then a locally known member of a rap group entitled DaBumrush. For two years, Ness assisted Davis with DaBumrush’s performances at local night clubs and several tours. While touring with the group, he got the opportunity to appear on the Amateur night at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

Ness’s mother, though very supportive of his hobby, tried to encourage Ness to focus more on his schoolwork, especially since he had been accepted into Central High School, the number one college preparatory high school in Philadelphia. Ness had other dreams for himself and instead decided to pursue his interest in music full time.

Of his many personal and professional goals, Ness has established an entertainment company. He would like to develop his company so that he can, produce and manage artists, own small businesses and most importantly, give back to his community.

Although Ness understands that this is just the beginning of his career in TV, his years of hard work prior to MTV have prepared him for the pitfalls of entertainment. Ness states, “I’ve wanted to be a recognized star all of my life, so hard has not, and will never become an issue. I thank everyone who has been supportive. And for those who doubt me, SUMBIT NOW OR SUBMIT LATER BUT YOU WILL SUBMIT!”