G Style

G Style

G Style is made up of three Memphis based hip hop/dance artists (Wolf, Hurricane and Romeo) who met while performing separately in local clubs. Everyone told them they should meet so they did and formed a group, rather than being in competition with each other. They used to be on P. Diddy’s label. They are called the “Temptations of Hip Hop” because of the many different styles they incorporate into their music and dancing. Ghetto Prophecy is their 1st CD which was cowritten by the group. It was produced by GStyle, Durrell James and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

Why this didn’t come out on Puff Daddy’s label, Bad Boy, the way it was originally intended only the main players know, but with more madly crafted hip-hop hooks and deftly delivered raps than you could shake a tail feather at, it should have.

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