Cheri Dennis: Moments of clarity

Bad Boy has been known to put out many artists but very few have been through and been consistently successful. Singer and songwriter Cheri Dennis is patiently waiting to get her opportunity to expose her God give talent to the world.

Raised in Cleveland all Cheri Dennis knew was singing and was determined early and the decision had been made. Involved in this fast revolving door that is R&B Ms.

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Cheri Dennis: Portrait of a bad girl

After a chance meeting at a party in NYC with Bad Boy Records’ Sean “Diddy” Combs, singer Cheri Dennis has been no stranger to the music industry or the Bad Boy Family.

First appearing on rapper Mase’s tracks, “No Matter What,” “All I Ever Wanted” and “If You Want To Party” from his 1999 album Double Up, Cheri went on appear on several tracks from the label’s lengthy catalog. Despite numerous credits under her belt, her long-awaited self-titled debut album was halted, ultimately being pushed back several times.

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Interview with Cheri Dennis by World Wide Connected

WorldWideConnected had an interview with Cheri Dennis: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m Cheri Dennis. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m signed to Bad Boy/Atlantic Records and I sing soul music. Hiphop soul music. Some may know me from the record “So Complete”, some may know me from “I love you” and most recently from “Parts of love”.

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Cheri Dennis: At Last

Cheri Dennis is signed to one of today's most iconic record labels. As a Bad Boy Records recruit since 2001, she has worked with Sean “Diddy” Combs' impressive roster, including Ma$e, Danity Kane, Faith Evans and Yung Joc. With a resume that solid, fans suspected an album was quickly coming.

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Gorilla Zoe: Gorilla in the mist

Atlanta’s Gorilla Zoe has his eyes on the future. The 25 year-old has officially stepped into the Young Jeezy’s position for the revolving-door group Boyz N Da Hood.

Zoe dropped his debut album Welcome To The Zoo on Bad Boy Records on Sept. 25—which was before the Boyz N Da Hood album. Born and raised in East Point, Atlanta, Zoe is part of Atlanta-based Block Entertainment, which includes Yung Joc and Boyz N Da Hood.

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Five questions with Yung Joc, hip-hop's fun-lover

Last summer, folks couldn’t get enough of Atlanta’s Yung Joc. He brought fun back to hip-hop, ridding his music of the bang-bang-shoot-‘em-up vibe so associated with high-selling commercial hip-hop. His hit “It’s Goin’ Down” was everywhere — at the clubs, on the radio — and everyone seemed to be doing staccato, lean-back snap moves, emulating the dance that went along with his big hit.

He’s back now with “Hustlenomics,” a new album due later this month, and he’s hoping to once again connect with a dance floor-loving audience. Joc is in town Thursday as part of the Screamfest 07 at Joe Louis Arena. We chatted about his new music, his old music and how he says he’s going to outdo headliners Ciara and T.I.

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Chopper - Can't keep me down

For better or worse, Chopper (a.k.a Young City) bites his tongue for no one. Co-starring in Diddy's reality series Making the Band 2, which debuted on MTV in 2002, the New Orleans native's outspokenness earned him plenty of camera time and a spot as one of the six artists chosen out of 40,000 contestants to form Da Band. Comprised of Chopper, Babs, Ness, Dylan, Freddy P and Sarah Stokes, the group released their first and only disc, Too Hot for T.V., on Bad Boy Records in 2003.

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Aasim - Spit Your Game inteveiw

It's a rainy New York afternoon and Aasim the Dream is holed up in Daddy's House, Bad Boy Records' storied Manhattan studio. It's here, in these hallowed confines, where the career's of the Notorious B.I.G., Ma$e, Black Rob and the LOX all started. This is also where Aasim has written some of his best material—for Sean Combs, that is. While the average hip-hop fan may not be familiar with the Jamaica, Queens native's name, they've certainly heard his work as a ghostwriter for Diddy's most recent album, Press Play.

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Yung Joc interview by DJ Booth

In order to make it in the Hip-Hop game you need to hustle harder than your neighbor; whom has increasingly turned into everyone who owns a microphone, a MySpace account and an illegal copy of Pro Tools. Just last summer Yung Joc released his Bad Boy debut, New Joc City.

A year later he returns with “Hustlenomics,” a more than accurate title considering what has transpired over the last twelve months. Not willing to settle for mediocrity, Joc turned a cold shoulder to a flurry of harsh album reviews and got his grind on.

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Block: The East Sida Chevy Rida

Russell “Block” Spencer is the definition of a hustler. He has his hands on many positions in today's Hip-Hop; CEO of Block Entertainment, President of Bad Boy South, 1/3 owner of Sho Nuff Records, and is the ear to the streets to two of the industry's most important executives Lyor Cohn and Kevin Liles. Block takes time with to give us updates on his movement.

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Diddy: I'm the rap ringleader

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has compared his talents to that of circus legend P.T. Barnum – branding himself the “ringleader” of the hip-hop genre. The star insists he isn’t out to compete with other rappers, but believes his success is due to his ability “to get people grooving”.

He says, “I’m not going to say that, compared to everyone else, I’m the best. I see myself more as P.T. Barnum. I’m the ringleader of the circus – the producer, the entertainer, the dancer, the vibe motivator.

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Yung Joc - I Made It

After tearing up the charts in 2006 with ubersmash hits “It's Goin' Down” and “I Know You See It” from his solo debut Yung Joc City, 23-year-old Yung Joc is ready to roll again in 2007, with his second effort, Hustlenomics, like his first, coming out through Block Entertainment/Bad Boy Records. So how do you top a year filled with nationwide tours, bopping with Diddy himself onstage and a certified platinum plaque?

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8 Ball & MJG - Relax & Take Notes interview

8 Ball and MJ-f*ckin'-G have been making that ride out music for over a decade now. The Tennessee duo is set to release their new album “Ridin' High”. As the spotlight resides on the South, the partners-in-rhyme continue to bring their own eclectic sound to the masses.

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8Ball - Still Ridin´ High

With over a decade of experience in the rap game, 8Ball and MJG are unlike most rappers. Despite their unique and original style, they have accomplished feats that most brand new artists would dream of – being fresh, consistent, and most important of all, maintaining relevancy.

The rap game has changed greatly since 8Ball and MJG's premier album, Comin' Out Hard, debuted in 1993. The Dirty South runs hip-hop. Rap artists function as CEOs and manage multi-million dollar record labels.

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8 Ball: Corner Pocket

Depending on who you ask, the word 8 Ball can take on different meanings. Ask my uncle, and he'd tell you he's going to sink it every time. Ask a drug dealer, and he'll give you a price. But ask anyone that's ever stepped inside the world of Hip-Hop and they'd tell you he's a living legend. For all of us who live in that world everyday, it's almost impossible to not follow the name, 8 Ball, with the name, MJG, but today, we're going to try.

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Aasim - The Protector interview

If you check the credits to Diddy's new album, one name will keep popping up. XXLMAG sat down with this promising Queens MC to talk about ghostwriting for Puff, the truth behind his former deal with Loud Records and how he plans to continue Bad Boy's lyrical legacy in 2007.

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Yung Joc ready to 'put heart' into JSU homecoming concert

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc, at only 23 years old, is living the good life.

He’s had a smash hit single (It’s Goin’ Down), a platinum-selling album (Yung Joc City), and his third single could possibly be his biggest smash yet.

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Diddy - Press The Playa

P. Diddy has just released his first album in five years, Press Play. Sasha Perera from X-Press Online caught up with him recently in London.

In recent years P. Diddy has been more renowned for his entrepreneurial skills, his super-bling lifestyle, and his infamous ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous' parties, where the elite moneymakers rub shoulders (and groins) with sexy supermodels and thuggish, ghetto-fabulous rappers.

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Sean “Diddy” Combs: Things Done Changed did a nice interview with Diddy, here’s the full interview:

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been many things to many people. He’s a father to two boys and a pair of twin girls in his girlfriend’s belly. He’s an entertainer. Businessman. Producer. Fashion icon. Activist. Diddy puts on all his hats and talks to in part two of Sean “Diddy” Combs: Things Done Changed.

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Diddy: Man Of All Trades

Jorteh Senah from BallerStatus interviewed Diddy. Here’s the full interview:

Diddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Sean John. Sean Combs has had so many names, but the titles he adorns are even more excessive: CEO, entrepreneur, activist, marathon-runner, actor, producer, rapper and now, get this—singer. Excess should be his middle name or better yet another alias because whatever Diddy does he does B.I.G. like his late, great comrade.

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HipHopGame interviews Diddy

What’s up?

I’m doing real good today. I’m doing real good. I’m just blessed. I’m out here on the road, working, promoting the album. It’s one of the greatest feelings when you’re about to drop an album.

It’s been awhile since you dropped an album. What inspired your new album Press Play?

The music. I wanted to put out some good music. It’s about having a love for it.

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Yung Joc on Vibe, talks about the new single & new album

Bad Boy Entertainment once harbored artists such as Total, 112, Faith Evans and Mase. Years later today, the famed label-house has a squad of newcomers said to bring Bad Boy back-and Jasiel “Yung Joc” Robinson is spearheading the movement.

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Babs interview by Rapindustry

Babs made her mark on the music industry with her former group Da Band and became a household name while openly living her life in front of millions during the hit MTV reality show, Making the Band 2. BABS was chosen as one of the six group members out the 40,000 people who tried out for the MTV Reality Show and also won a recording deal with Bad Boy Records.

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E Ness: Nessesary Roughness

A lasting career in the music business is not promised, even if you are lucky enough to be chosen out of 40,000 people to star in your own MTV reality show. E Ness learned this lesson, but luckily, he knew the rules of engagement. Having already experienced regional success before his MTV stint, Ness wasn't too worried when Diddy announced that he was dismantling Da Band in 2004.

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Danity Kane featured in Rap-Up

The girls of Danity Kane are featured in the latest issue of Rap-Up Magazine, on stands now! Order it online at or head out to a store near you to pick it up. Also, check out the for an exclusive interview with the girls!

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Still a Bad Boy: E. Ness (Formerly of Da Band)

Q: Are you still signed to Bad Boy?

E. Ness: I’m definitely still signed to Bad Boy/Warner Bros. Basically when we was on “Da Band” we was under Universal that was our distribution that we had. Were not with Universal anymore were with Warner Bros so it’s a whole different marketing team and whole different staff over there. Basically Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles are Puff’s bosses and Puff is my boss, so Puff just brings the project to them and they press it up.

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Interview: Eightball's hustle and flow

Eightball, one half of the legendary Memphis rap duo, 8 Ball & MJG, is, literally, Ridin' High. With a new group effort of that same name on the way, and a follow-up to his gold-selling Bad Boy debut also in the pipeline, 2006 could be the year of the self proclaimed “Fat Mack.” Crave Online tracked down the Orange Mound resident, born Premro Smith, in his studio recently to talk about putting the final touches on his soon-to-be released Down South classic, a new movie project and his musical influences.

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Plan of attack, Yung Joc

When it comes to hitting it big, Atlanta rapper says nothing gets in his way


What would Yung Joc buy when he makes his first million dollars?
“What do you mean ‘make’?” asks Joc, pointedly.

Point taken.

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Reuters catches up with Diddy

Reuters catches up with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Chief Executive and Founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, whose T.V. reality show act Danity Kane topped the charts this week, marking its third hit in as many months. His own album, “Press Play”, is out Oct. 17.

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Yung Joc: Project Runway

Yung Joc’s catchy hit “It’s Going Down” was deemed the motto of’s 3rd Annual AllHipHop Week and the headlines the House of AllHipHop Fashion Show tonight (Aug. 7) in New York City (Tickets can be purchased at the door or Ticketmaster)!

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Cassie interviewed by AllHipHop

The idea of someone packing up their life and fleeing to the Big Apple to pursue their love of “the biz” sounds ambitiously poetic. Many many late-teenagers do just that, and they often greet us at bars, restaurants, and just about every other place that has absolutely nothing to do with their passion. While the concept of “making it” always delivers overwhelming doubt, there are isolated moments in time where someone actually has that intangible something. One such instance is the story of Bad Boy/Next Selection recording artist, Cassie.

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Yung Joc: Why You Joc-in?

Yung Joc is Block Entertainment/Bad Boy South's newest southern stunna. At press time, his single “It's Goin' Down” sits on Billboard's Top 20 R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. Though he's keeping the specifics of his new LP New Joc City under wraps, he promises that the album (dropping June 6) will be a crowd pleaser. Chocolate City has been Joc-in him for a while…now he's on the grind trying to take it worldwide.

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Soundslam interviews Yung Joc

Things are definitely happening in the South right about now. And at the center of such happenings is Atlanta. Georgia’s answer to New York City continues to produce hit-makers, and trendsetters on what seems to be a weekly basis. Yung Joc is looking to add his name to ATLiens to make it big in Hip Hop. With his current single “It’s Goin Down” receiving radio play, and a new album titled New Joc City getting ready to drop, this bad boy from the South is setting himself up for stardom.

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Yung Joc interviewed by AHH

Yung Joc After signing Outkast nearly twelve years ago, Antonio “L.A.” Reid predicted that Atlanta would become the Motown of the South. It seemed like a bold prediction considering that Jermaine Dupri was the only person moving big Soundscan units at the time. No one doubts that prediction now, as artists like Outkast, Ludacris, Lil' Jon and T.I. dominate the charts. While the ATL has given us Snap, Trap, Crunk Music and everything in between, newcomer Yung Joc is determined to play the role of Barry Gordy in the new Motown.

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Yung Joc interview by HipHopGame

Adding his chameleon-like style to the Peach State’s field of offerings is Atlanta, Georgia-born Yung Joc. After grinding in the streets and doing what he had to do to maintain his rap credibility, the College Park/SWATS-bred MC is getting his chance to shine through the tutelage of Block Entertainment/Bad Boy South. Poised as Atlanta’s next big hip-hop star, Yung Joc is set to break topsoil and emerge fully-grown into hip-hop culture’s mainstream.

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8ball & MJg intervieweb by Concrete

Right now we are working on the next album with Bad Boy. The name of it is Pure American Pimpin'. We've got Big Boi from Outkast, T.I., Juvenile, Jazze Phae, Lil John, Avant, Floetry… and just a lot of gritty 8 Ball and MJG. We call this album Pure American Pimpin' because it's like back to basics for us.

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Mic Check: Young Joc Interview

The millennium hip-hop world is all about the pride, the culture, and the experience of the South. As the time ushered in a new age, so did it also ordain southern hip-hop, particularly that of Atlanta, as one of its most fertile breeding grounds for producing crops of prolific rappers. These artists flip a mellifluous vernacular and drawl when articulating some of the most colorful stories about growing up in southern ghettos – be they city or rural. No matter how edgy or boastful some of these tales might be, most of the time they are necessary for redefining and broadening the musical landscape.

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Cheri Dennis interview

Check out the Cheri Dennis interview by Stefanie Philippou.

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