Loon aka Chauncey Hawkins was born in Harlem ‘The Home of hustlas and money makers’ and Loon ain’t no different. Starting his career he had a brief interlude with Tommy Boy records yet after a change in management he left.

Ma$e brought him to All Out Records to join his group ‘Harlem World’ consisting of Meeno, Baby Sta$e, Huddy Combs, Blinky Blink, Cardan and Suga J. Loon wrote many of the lyrics and was influential all over the album ‘The Movement’ shining on tracks like ‘You Made Me’ featuring Carl Thomas and Nas.Harlem World went Gold yet were forced to split after Ma$e retired as the artists parted ways.

Loon joined up with Arista temporarily were he recorded 8 tracks, Puffy hooked up with Loon and wanted him to lay down a few verses and ghostwrite some tracks. After incredible success in ‘The Saga Continues’ and creating the ‘I Need a Girl’ era Loon secured a contract on Bad Boy Records were he has gone on to appear on hits with 3LW, Toni Braxton, LSG, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy and write for hits like ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’.

Loon’s self titled album received only moderate success after his singles ‘How You Want That’ and ‘Down For Me’ got little radio and video play despite being regularly praised by critics and getting spins at clubs.

However, he is expected to return in early 2005 with a follow up to ‘Loon’ which is expected to take over the charts. Loon brings too Bad Boy a smooth style, many label him as a pretty boy because of his charm and good looks, yet he also has a street edge evident in songs like ‘Up In A Maze’ and this side of him will shine on his sophomore album. Loon’s talent is undoubted he just needs to reveal it to the whole industry.

Loon Leaves Bad Boy

Bad Boy for life? Not if you’re Loon. The MC has left Bad Boy Records. “I definitely want people to know that this was amicable,” Loon said. “It’s both beautiful and empowering to see that Puff can be the bigger man.”

Assault case against Loon dismissed

Felony assault charges against rapper Loon have been dismissed by a Beverly Hills Superior Court judge who decided there was a lack of evidence.