The Group was found by Mary J. Blige who passed their mixtape onto Puff Daddy who got signed to the label as a result. Their contribution in 1997 was immense as they were featured on all three albums: ‘Last Day' on Life After Death, ‘It's All About the Benjamins' on No Way Out and '24 Hours to Live' on Harlem World. Their biggest success however came from appearing on the B-Side single of ‘I'll be Missing You' with ‘We'll Always Love Big Poppa'. Their chance came in 1998 with their debut album in early 1998 releasing two successful singles: ‘Money, Power, Respect' and ‘If You Think I'm Jiggy'. The album went Platinum however due to differences with Diddy (Mainly over wearing shiny suits) they left the label in 1999 seeking a new home with Ruff Ryders.