Lil' Kim rhymes with Diddy

Diddy and Lil’ Kim were a part of so many hit records together, you wouldn’t think that it has been more than a half-decade since they worked together. The pair haven’t teamed up since 2000’s Notorious K.I.M., and on Wednesday, not only did their time away from each other end, but Kim’s hiatus from rapping altogether ceased.

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Yung Joc: Project Runway

Yung Joc’s catchy hit “It’s Going Down” was deemed the motto of’s 3rd Annual AllHipHop Week and the headlines the House of AllHipHop Fashion Show tonight (Aug. 7) in New York City (Tickets can be purchased at the door or Ticketmaster)!

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Biggie and Mase to rap en Espanol?

Bad Boy executive Andre Harrell has just partnered with Voxonic, a speech-conversion software that can flawlessly translate your favorite rapper’s voice into foreign languages.

With Voxonic, emcees like Biggie, Jay-Z, Mase, Ludacris and T.I.’s lyrics could now be translated in perfect French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Word is the system can reproduce a specific voice in any language of its choice.

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Ma$e was born in Florida and moved to Harlem at the age of 5 yet moved back by 13 as his parents were concerned he fell in with the wrong-crowd. He was a skilled basketball player winning a scholarship yet his main ambition was to be a rapper, he started out rapping to his teammates as entertainment and followed this to become a member of the Children of the corn.

The group was disbanded due to a death in the group yet he didn’t give up travelling to Atlanta to try and catch Jermaine Dupri’s eye but instead Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs heard him and immediately signed him to the label.

Ma$e’s charm brought him t the forefront of Bad Boy impressing immediately on his debut verse on ‘Only You (remix)’, and again ‘Can’t Nobody Hold me down’. This he began with Diddy the Shiny suit era which came to full thrust in the single ‘Mo Money mo Problems’ and ‘Feel So Good’.

Ma$e created his own label ‘All Out’ and made the group Harlem World which had his twin sister Stason Betha, Meeno, Cardan, Loon, Blink Blink and Huddy Combs.

He also made his sophomore album ‘Double Up’ but before these two projects reached their full potential he retired leaving behind a video to the single ‘Get Ready’ in order to follow God.

This retirement lasted five years until just recently he made a surprise return after laying down a track for Fa Reel entertainment. He now returns on a 50/50 contract with Bad Boy with the massive smash single ‘Welcome Back’ and a new album, is the rap industry ready for his return?

Mase with G-Unit?

Last week Mase came out onstage with Young Buck during a New York stop of the Anger Management Tour, and later in the week during an interview with Whoo Kid on Sirius’ G-Unit Radio program. As for his relationship with the man with whom he used to wear shiny suits, Mase said he’s expressed to the former Puff Daddy that he wants to leave Bad Boy.

Mase & Wife have baby boy!

According to sources with Bad Boy Records, the baby was born about 2 weeks ago and Mase cancelled a number of dates, including the “Welcome Back” show. “It was important for Mase to be there when the baby was born because his father wasn’t there for him” a source told.

Mase talks about his next album

Mase: The second album I got in the works is probably gon be called Karma. And that’s when I’m really begin to balance everything out to the point where there’s hard songs is on there and stuff like that, which is in a real different way, but it’s gon be incredible.