Cassie appearance

Me & U” was the #1 most played video on MTV last week, and the #3 most played on BET. Cassie will make appearances today on both “TRL” and BET’s “106 & Park.” Just last month, Cassie made her national television debut, performing “Me & U” on MTV’s “TRL.” The video hit #1 on “TRL’s” countdown in June and repeatedly held the top spot. She also appeared on “Sucker Free on MTV” August 1st.

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Cassie - debut album review

This is a very suprising debut album. If you thought Me & U was as good as it got for Cassie try understanding the sheer quality of her debut from Ryan Leslie’s Next Selection through Diddy’s Bad Boy Records Empire.

Surprisingly Diddy doesn’t produce or write a single track, however who needs him to when Ryan Leslie pulls off the quality he does here. A signature sound is a phrase that springs to my, but more importantly it is the close knitt relationship between R-Les and Cassie which makes this album a masterpiece.

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Cassie interviewed by AllHipHop

The idea of someone packing up their life and fleeing to the Big Apple to pursue their love of “the biz” sounds ambitiously poetic. Many many late-teenagers do just that, and they often greet us at bars, restaurants, and just about every other place that has absolutely nothing to do with their passion. While the concept of “making it” always delivers overwhelming doubt, there are isolated moments in time where someone actually has that intangible something. One such instance is the story of Bad Boy/Next Selection recording artist, Cassie.

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Diddy and Mario's leading lady Cassie

Cassie began her modeling career at the age of 12, and has since been featured in Missy Elliott’s Respect M.E. Adidas campaign and played Mario’s leading lady in his video “Here I Go Again”. Last year music producer Ryan Leslie brought her into his NextSelection fold, letting the world know her voice is just as lovely as her face. Now with Tommy Mottola, Diddy and all of paying attention you know she is a Player to Watch.

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Nelson in the studio with Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie: “I re-visited a record called “Choose Us” with Bad Boy recording artist Nelson tonite. I had DJ ITL play it at Club Mondial in Holland when I was there, and the response was so crazy – I wanted to vibe out on it and make sure we really sewed it up and made it sound like a Bad Boy classic.”

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Cassie gets a deal with Bad Boy Records

It's official – Nextselection is partnering with Bad Boy on Cassie's project. Cassie is now on Nextselection/BadBoy records.

If you don’t know who she is, then head over to Cassie World.

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