Cassie taking on Tokyo

Ryan Leslie and Cassie has been doing some promotion in Japan. Here’s what Ryan Leslie has been reporing all the way from Japan in his site.

Cassie really wowed Warner Japan with this showcase for the retailers called the Heatseeker's Convention. This was an interesting gig since the buyers responsible for stocking the music stores attended in suits and sat silently thru the performance. The event was run like a high-school assembly – with polite applause following each number. Nevertheless, we flipped the usual set by adding a live keyboard interlude that really allowed Cassie to connect with everyone.

She even surprised me by saying hello and introducing herself in Japanese as I was urging her to do in rehearsal. Ed Woods & Jeb Brien from the Mottola management team, Gwen Niles from Bad Boy, Cesar Ramirez and Lena Koro (her glam squad), the dancers, and everyone from Warner Japan were backstage to congratulate her on a job well done.


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