The Hoodfellaz


After years of being shelved at Bad Boy Records, The Hoodfellaz officially left Sean “P. Diddy” Combs' label. Group member Morock is working on his solo album, while the group continues to record as a group. The group received attention when they released “Taking Da Band,” a dis record aimed at their label mates “Da Band.” “We have no ill feeling towards Puffy and the Bad Boy family,” Morock said. “Puff believed in the Hoodfellaz from the very beginning. We will continue to support Puff and the Bad Boy family. However I’ve moved in silence for 3 years, now I think it’s time I’ve been heard.”

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Street album entitled Taking Da Band, which features a few cuts and skits dissin Da Band.

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Dont Talk, Just Listen

New album from B5, did you bought it yet?
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