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Bad Boy Forever: Diddy gets clearance for Unforgivable name

Diddy gets clearance for Unforgivable name

After trademark documents surfaced on the internet, reps for Sean “Diddy” Combs have revealed that the mogul’s Unforgivable fragrance does not infringe on any trademark.

“Christian Casey LLC owns rights to the trademark Unforgivable for use with the Sean John fragrance,” an Unforgivable spokesperson told. “Christian Casey negotiated a co-existence agreement with Paris Bleu whereby Paris Bleu has assigned its rights to the trademark Unforgivable to Christian Casey and the parties have agreed to co-exist in the market using their respective marks, Unforgivable and Unforgiven.”

As previously reported, documents obtained via the United States Patent & Trademark Office showed that Diddy was denied the Unforgivable trademark because its name resembled French perfumer Jacques Evard’s Unforgiven perfume too closely. Now, reps for Unforgivable have revealed that the Estee Lauder sponsored fragrance reached a deal with Paris Bleu, Unforgiven’s parent company.