Diddy says God is his "Secret Weapon"

There’s nobody who has had a greater influence in Diddy’s life than the big man in the clouds. If it wasn’t for Him, this rapper would still be stuck with J.Lo.

Sean “Diddy” Combs – who is reportedly worth $300 million – says all his bling-bling and fashionable ghetto-fabulous wear is attributed to the man working through him from up above.

The hip-hop mogul insists he may have the rhythm and beat of the streets but he’s truly a man of God at heart. And the rest of us are God’s perfect little saints as well.

Diddy says he’s gotta give it to God for being his saving grace and showing him that anything is possible – of course, if we had millions in our pockets, we would think the same thing too.

He admits he’s beem able to fire away and achieve his dreams because God has been his “secret weapon.”

According to StarPulse.com, he explained, “I was brought up spiritually. I was an altar boy in a Catholic church, and then also had afternoons at a Baptist church – I got the best of both worlds. I was in church every Sunday, all day. I give all glory to God. It’s because of Him that all I do is possible. He’s my secret weapon. I have not even a doubt about Him; it’s way beyond belief.”