Internal Affairs Cover-up in Biggie's Murder

A recently uncovered Internal Affairs Bureau file suggests that the LAPD held suspicions that two of their own were involved in the murder of Notorious B.I.G.

According to an April 26 court transcript that the NY Daily News was able to obtain, the LA Federal Judge presiding over the wrongful death suit filed by B.I.G.’s family was shocked to learn that the LAPD had covered up a 2001 Internal Affairs Bureau file. The file showed that former LAPD officers David Mack and Rafael Perez were investigatedfor their involvement in the March 9th, 1997 killing of the Brooklyn rapper.

According to the transcript, upon seeing the file Judge Florence Marie Cooper replied “This is stunning information.”

Although Los Angeles police and city lawyers have claimed there was no evidence linking corrupt ex-police officers Perez and Mack to the murder, according to the court transcript it seems the 2001 file suggests that the police department had conducted their own probe into the two men.

“Now that I am hearing that Internal Affairs investigated… This is extremely significant… not to have turned this information over to the plaintiff, I’m just amazed,” Judge Cooper said according to the Daily News.

Perez and Mack are currently imprisoned for unrelated police corruption charges.