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Bad Boy Forever: Rapper Yung Joc interviews with WASU

Rapper Yung Joc interviews with WASU

That's right. It did go down. On Aug. 25, Block Entertainment and Bad Boy South/Warner Brothers Music Group recording artist, Yung Joc, fell through to show some love on ASU's radio station WASU 92.7.

Yung Joc, born Jasiel Robinson, was raised in Atlanta, Ga. The College Park/SWATS bred MC has made a name for himself and is steadily rising as one of Hip-Hop's hottest artists.

Miami native Travon Duhart, a 22-year-old junior mass communication major, also known as DJ Trey on WASU 92.7, was instrumental in networking with Yung Joc.

“I hollered at my man Mario and asked him if he could get Joc to come through and do a show with me and he made it happen,” Duhart said.

“Block Entertainment was especially cool with it because they wanted to catch the college crowd,” he said.

Mario Meadows, owner of Platinum Sounds Recording studios in Albany, was a key component in Yung Joc coming to Albany for Club Push.

He also made the arrangement for Yung Joc and his entourage to make an exclusive appearance on ASU's campus before doing his show at the new Club Push in Albany.

The Student Voice had an in-depth interview with Yung Joc in the studios of WASU 92.7 at Hartnett Criminal Justice Building to get a more in depth look at who Joc is.

SV: So Yung Joc, how did you get started rapping?

Yung Joc: Let's just say I've been working at it for a long time. Like, since I was 10, and I'm 23 now. God is good. I been grindin,' trying to do whatever I can to get exposure.

SV: Joc, you've been grindin' for a while now and you're just ripping up the charts now with your new production deal. How did you end up with Diddy and Bad Boy South anyway?

Yung Joc: I did a situation where I dropped my first single “It's Going Down” in the city and it picked up a buzz. In September, Big Block signed me to Block Entertainment. Two months later he picked up a million dollar label deal from Bad Boy South /Warner Brothers Music Group. Nine months later, here I am sittin' in front of you giving you this interview, ‘cause you're one of the coolest cats doin' it.

SV: That's you playa, but I appreciate it. After your mega hit single, “It's Going Down” Yung Joc was everywhere. Your name was on every radio, on every channel, and in every magazine. How did you come up with your name Yung Joc?

Yung Joc: My mom named me Joc after the guy from the show, “Dallas.” He just had a real crazy swag, he was well respected, and had a lot of money. I guess that's why.

SV: Ok ok. So your debut album, “New Joc City,” is killing the charts and flying off the shelves left and right with hits like “It's Going Down” and “I Know You See It.” What's your favorite song on the album?

Yung Joc: My favorite would probably be “Picture Perfect,” because its one of the realest songs with the most substance and most truth to it.

SV: We'll have to check that out. I noticed there weren't many collaborations with you and other artists on this album. If anyone, who would you like to work with in the future?

Yung Joc: I'd have to say Mary J. Blige, Snoop and Dr. Dre, of course. Ya know they're legends and all and it would be an honor. But yeah, artists like Pharell, UGK, and 8ball and MJG would be hot to collab with.

SV: Who have you already worked with that had you like “man, I just worked with so and so?”

Yung Joc: I worked with Tank. He knows what he's doing man. Tank is crazy man.

SV: Yeah man I heard that Tank was good at what he does. But let's talk about what you do. You've started a dance that's sweeping the nation and even has Tom Cruise doing it on 106 & Park. The motorcycle dance…how did you come up with that?

Yung Joc: It was real crazy how it got started. First off they were trying to categorize my music as snap music and it's not. I'd be on stage just doing something with a little swagger to it and when we went back and looked at the tapes of shows, I noticed I was kind of doing it already. I just kept doing it and molded it into what you know as the motorcycle.

SV: That simple huh? Well I appreciate your time Joc. Thanks for dropping through.

Yung Joc: Aw man no problem. I appreciate ya'll. Keep doin' what you do and ASU and Albany I appreciate your support.