Sean C. and LV: Production Gangsters... Working with Jay-Z and Puffy

It's the Tuesday after a record is released, everyone knows what that means, SoundScan reports come out. To no surprise, Jay-Z’s American Gangster is number one in the country, selling over 400,000 units in it’s first week. Since they produced half the album, Sean C. and LV are definitely ecstatic.

How do they celebrate their contribution to the number one album in the country? Pop bottles, sail on the French Riviera, or hey go on 106 & Park and kick it on the couch. Not even. These two want that staying power, therefore they celebrate by doing the same thing that got them to the top. In the studio, grinding.

Super producers Sean and LV know how to buckle down. This work ethic and focus has allowed these two to break barriers and draw top music executives into their world. Sean and LV are sick enough behind the boards that Puffy got at them for their beats and is even considering them to be his new “Hitmen.” They also maintain separate careers outside of production (Sean C. is an A&R for Universal and LV is Fat Joe's DJ) proving to all that yes, it can be done.

Taking a short break from the music to talk to, Sean and LV exude confidence in their material and their musical direction. They elaborate on the obvious Jay-Z questions and shed light on Puffy’s involvement with their production. Most importantly, they discuss the dedication to their craft and let the world know that at the end of the day, “It's just music baby. ”

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