Yung Joc interview by HipHopGame

Adding his chameleon-like style to the Peach State’s field of offerings is Atlanta, Georgia-born Yung Joc. After grinding in the streets and doing what he had to do to maintain his rap credibility, the College Park/SWATS-bred MC is getting his chance to shine through the tutelage of Block Entertainment/Bad Boy South. Poised as Atlanta’s next big hip-hop star, Yung Joc is set to break topsoil and emerge fully-grown into hip-hop culture’s mainstream.

What’s up?

Ain’t nothing. I’m cooling.

Before we get into the album, how did you end up linking up with Block?

He came to one of my shows and it’s been a wrap ever since.

Your stage show must be pretty good.

Oh yeah, man. I really take pride in my work. I believe in what I do so I go out there and put on a show.

Is the art of performing dying out?

A little bit.

Why did you sign with Block?

When he stepped to me, he stepped to me with a proposition that I couldn’t refuse and he made it work. He told me he’d do it and he did it. Now it’s Block Entertainment and Bad Boy South.

How’s it been going at Bad Boy so far?

It’s been cool, man. I’m very happy that the situation is what it is. I got haters and I got people who love what I’m doing right now. I’m going to keep going forward.

Is there more love or hate right now?

I would say it’s more love right now. It’s more love right now, definitely.

How’s “New Joc City” coming?

The album is done. It’s in stores June 6.

What can you tell us about the album?

You have a mixture of music. You have crunk, you have stuff for the hood record, stuff you can ride to, you have stuff for the club, and stuff for the ladies.

Why did the album get pushed back from May to June?

I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe because I didn’t have a top-10 record. Maybe it’s too soon to drop the album in May. Now my single’s picking up nation-wide.

How much creative control did you have on the album?

All of it.

Did Diddy help you at all?


Are you happy with how “It’s Going Down” is hitting right now?

Yeah. We’re enjoying what it’s doing right now.

What was your inspiration for that song?

We were just doing a feel-good record that everyone can dance around to. I wanted to use something that people are already saying and didn’t realize they were saying.

Are people responding like you want them to?

Yeah. I love it. It’s great.

How’s your mixtape with Drama coming?

It’s coming good. Actually, it’s done. We’re just waiting for them to ship out.

Why did you go with DJ Drama?

He’s known for breaking cats out of the South.

There are a lot of artists coming out of the South now. Where do you see yourself fitting in?

I took a lot of what these same cats do and I did what I do as well. You got trap music, crunk music, you got snap music, you got soul…I didn’t bite it. I don’t do one type of music and one type of style. I shoot for the ladies, the trappers, the players…I have the personality and I’m willing to do shit that a lot of these cats ain’t willing to do.

It must be hard doing all those styles.

It’s not hard at all.

Do you feel any pressure to follow in Jeezy’s success?

I just think that he set a good pace and I have to keep up with his pace and pass. That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m steady recording. I’m on the road right now. I have a traveling studio with me and all that.

What do you want to say to everyone?

Thank you all for supporting me and the movement. It’s been a big blessing.