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Bad Boy Forever: The retirement of Mase

The retirement of Mase

The Atlanta born, Harlem-raised rapper who had been labelled the future of Hip Hop appealing to all generations and all races decided to retired in 1999 from rap to follow God. It was on the 20th April that the then 21 year old dropped everything including his music and his own record label giving it all up for God, he commented:

‘Now its time for me to serve God in his way. The Lord sends messages when he's ready not necessarily when we are'.

Ma$e's retirement came as a huge surprise to everyone including Bad Boy Vice President Jeff Boroughs yet he gave his utmost support: ‘We wholeheartedly support Ma$e's decision in this matter' and Puff Daddy was reported to have burst into tears despite wishing his best friend his full support. All Ma$e left was his highly anticipated album Double Up and a video to the lead single ‘Get Ready' featuring Blackstreet.

The pastor Mason Betha has gone on to write his own book: ‘Revelations: There’s a light after the lime’ and created his own ministry which aim to spread the word of God and allow him to work through them. Mason Betha has recently returned after announcing that he wants to rap for a positive impact in the world and despite recieving critiscm he simply responds that he can do as he wishes because it is as God wishes. His album ‘Welcome Back’ is an album with no explitive language and is a landmark in creating a positive side of rap.