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Bad Boy Forever: Boyz N Da Hood Re-group after Young Jeezy, "We Didn't Even Want Another Member"

Boyz N Da Hood Re-group after Young Jeezy, "We Didn't Even Want Another Member"

After breaking onto the scene in 2005 with their hit “Dem Boyz,” Atlanta’s Boyz N da Hood fell back for a minute. Back on their hustle, SOHH recenty caught up with the ATLiens as they spoke about their new project, life after Jeezy, and why the streets love them.

Though the group’s original four-man line up included Young Jeezy, the Snowman has since departed from the ranks, leaving the members to fill the void left by his absence. And while rumored members have included the likes of Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross, the guys decided on fellow ATL rapper Gorilla Zoe to round out the quartet.

“I kind of just got in where I fit in. We all just came together,” said Gorilla Zoe, the group’s newest addition.

“Honestly, we didn’t even want another member, but like he said, he just got in where he fit in,” added Duke. “Jeezy had a one album deal with us. He had already had a solo situation with Def Jam and he used it to launch his career and that’s what it did. We all have different elements that we bring to the group and Jeezy had his own element too. But we just doing it with us four now.”

With the final roster in tact, the group’s new video, “Everybody Knows Me” off of their sophomore effort Back Up N Da Chevy, serves as a guide to let fans know just who’s who in the crew these days.

“We’re just reintroducing the group. Everybody has their own lanes and that’s what we’re showing,” Zoe told SOHH about the group’s new video.

“Dr. Teeth came up with the concept and just made it beautiful,” added Big Gee. “It’s showing the different little parts of the hood [in Atlanta] and just brought it together as one.”

With a DJ Drama endorsed Gangsta Grillz mixtape entitled “American Gangster” currently in the streets and the full length album, Back Up N Da Chevy boasting guest appearances from Rick Ross, T-Pain and an Ice Cube reminiscent of his N.W.A. days, the Boyz are sticking to their usual formula on this set.

“Basically it’s nothing different. We’re still keeping it grit and grimy, doing the same thing and it’s that same Boyz N Da Hood sound, “ explained Duke. “We did touch on a few more subjects this time, other issues than selling dope and shooting people that’s still hood related and people can relate to. We real dudes who just can rap. That’s why we touch people the way we do. We catch hell from critics and magazines and people who don’t know us but if you come to the A, we’re certified. We don’t talk about blocks we can’t walk down. We got a fan base as opposed to a fad base. If you like Boyz N da Hood, street music, hood music, then you’re going to love this album.”

Boyz N Da Hood’s Back Up N Da Chevy hits stores on October 2.