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Bad Boy Forever: Diddy: Year in review

Diddy: Year in review

While fans saw what Diddy toted as his final album fall rapidly down the charts after its number one debut, he still managed to pick up several successes under his belt – starting with the Making the Band 3 success Danity Kane. No one thought this group could do it with the misfits Da Band as ancestors (oh..and the name didn't help either). However, this five-girl group has managed to hit the platinum mark with little to no publicity. Following suit, the Atlanta bred Yung Joc and Cassie outperform expectations.

This year wasn't all music, however. In February, Diddy celebrated the launch of his first fragrance, Unforgivable. And in November, he began filming adaptation of “A Raisin in the Sun.” In 2004, Diddy starred in the hit Broadway play as the lead character Walter Lee Younger alongside veteran actress Phylicia Rashad.

Despite, Diddy's comeback year, it didn't come without a small price. When Diddy refused to turn a blind eye to Mase's business commitments to release to the hands of 50 Cent, 50 handled business the old-fashioned way. He put out a dis record. The track called “Hip-Hop,” finds 50 rapping over Dead Prez’s song of the same name. In it, the G-Unit general levels some unfounded accusations at Diddy.

“Who shot Biggie Smalls?/ [If] we don’t get them, they gonna kill us all,” 50 raps. “Man, Puffy know who hit that n—-a man, that n—-a’s soft/ He’s scared them boys from the west side gonna break him off.” 50 ends by saying, “I guess this means I won’t be invited to [Diddy’s] White Parties in the Hamptons/ I don’t give a f—-, I don’t wanna hang out with your punk a—, no way.”

Still, perhaps the biggest evidence came when Diddy became a Daddy again. This time to twin daughters from loooong-time girlfriend Kim Porter in December. The rapper halted filming on “Raisin in the Sun” to witness the delivery of D’Lila Star – named after Porter's grandmother and Jessie James – named after Comb's grandmother.

In 2007, look for Diddy to partake in a 18-city 2007 European tour with Snoop Dogg. The co-headliners will open the trek with a March 12 gig in Oslo, Norway, and close it with an April 2 concert in Nottingham, England. Also, the fashionista has plans to launch a young women’s sportswear line. Sean John will team with G-Ill Apparel Group to distribute the contemporary collection, set to debut in spring 2007.