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Bad Boy Forever: Diddy's boy band B5 takes on Kanye West & 50 Cent

Diddy's boy band B5 takes on Kanye West & 50 Cent

A lot has changed since Bad Boy Entertainment’s youngest act, B5, released their self-titled debut two years ago. SOHH recently had the chance to catch up with the brother act to discuss their evolution, their newest “Making the Band” label mates, and their new CD.

Don’t Talk, Just Listen, the sophomore album from Atlanta teens Dustin (19), Kelly (18), Patrick (16), Carnell (15) and Bryan (13) lands in stores today (September 11), alongside new CD’s from heavy hitters Kanye West and 50 Cent. Despite the fierce competition, B5 is confident their project won’t escape notice.

“We’re not worried,” Kelly told SOHH. “I think we can hold our own. We have a great fan base, they support us real big. We think we can do this thing.”

As veterans of the Scream Tour, the boys of B5 also have another reason for looking forward to today’s arrival.

“I’m excited about the tours we’re going to be doing – after the release date we actually get to perform the new songs,” Carnell said. “That’s a big thing because we’ve been doing the same songs for almost two years now.”

B5’s self-titled previous effort sold over 650,000 copies domestically and peaked at #19 on Billboard’s 200 chart. Despite those impressive accomplishments, the group has even loftier goals for their second album, particularly since the brothers played a role in songwriting this time around.

“We wrote seven songs, we have two on the album,” Patrick said. “We’re definitely growing up, we are not the little kids you guys saw on the last album. We put a lot of heart into this one. We made sure we did everything as personally as possible. We want the album to be number one. We want to be on top.”

While the spotlight is on B5 today, the group isn’t the only boy band over at Bad Boy. Diddy recently selected a five-member group on MTV’s “Making the Band 4” television series, but despite the hype surrounding the new act, B5 remains confident in their role.

“Diddy has another group but… they’re like 112 and we’re like the new Jackson 5, so there is nothing to be worried about,” Kelly said. “That’s a totally different lane they’re in. We’re holding our own. We’re just focused on B5 and getting our stuff off the ground.”

“And congratulations and good luck. We do wish them luck,” the rest of the group added.

“Hydrolics,” B5’s first single off Don’t Talk, Just Listen, which features Bow Wow has also inspired a YouTube-hosted dance competition,

In addition to their first album, the self-titled B5, the group has also contributed to Disney’s High School Musical and Hannah Montana soundtracks.

Don’t Talk, Just Listen hits stores today.