Elephant Man/Wyclef collaboration

The ‘Energy God' Elephant Man recently completed a combination track with Haitian-born superstar Wyclef Jean on the bouncy single Five-O, a track that appears to taunt the gun-carrying civil servant everyone loves to hate – da cops.

With an intro from Diddy himself, the resulting concoction is a Caribbean-flavoured single with definite cross-over pedigree, and according to dancehall insiders, could be the lead off single for Ele's Bad Boy Records album due out this year.

Wyclef kicks the track off a catchy singalong hook that belittles the cops' attempts to catch him with incriminating evidence at his pad, or ‘riding dirrrty'.

Search, search, search but dem caan find nothing
Look, look, look but dem caan find nothing
Oh ho hooo oh

Elephant Man does his part in belittling the ‘five-oh' —as the police are known in the United States, — boasting that his lawyer just got him off the case, and he was roaming the streets. Ele issues the not-too-subtle warning suggesting that he was ready for anything because ‘mi have mi ting pon me' (we can give you two guesses what that ting is). The best thing about the song is the cinematic-sounding rhythm which paints a picture of gritty streets and danger with uptempo reggaefied drum beats.

Wyclef also advocates murder for snitches, while Elephant Man does the same for the Jamaican equivalent, ‘informers'. Ele deejays: ‘murder dem bwoy de…murder dem bwoy de… informer…informer dem bwoy de…murder dem bwoy de'.

A bit repetitive? Maybe. But Elephant Man gets his point across, he is now a bonafide bad boy, waiting to be unleashed on the world.