Puff Beddy

Rapper Diddy parties at hotel bar – in his designer pyjamas.

RAP mogul Diddy stunned fellow guests at a five-star hotel when he turned up at the bar in his jim-jams.

The king of bling seemed hell-bent on hosting a one-man pyjama party at the sumptuous Petri Hotel in Copenhagen, where he is staying for tonight’s starstudded MTV Europe Awards.

Our spy reveals: “It was after midnight on Tuesday and the bar was pretty quiet. All of a sudden Diddy came out of the lift wearing a pair of navy blue Ralph Lauren jim-jams.

“We thought he was sleepwalking, but he walked straight into the bar and ordered a huge round of drinks.

“It was bizarre but it was all planned – he’d even got his staff to iron them especially.”

Still, if you are forking out £2,000 for a penthouse suite, presumably you can wear what you want. And his odd outfit didn’t cramp his style – PJ Diddy (as he shall now be known) and his rap pal Timbaland stayed up partying until the wee small hours.

Earlier on, before he’d got ready for bed, Diddy – whose new album, Press Play, is out now – was chatting to the Man U squad who were in Denmark for last night’s match against Copenhagen.

He and rap fan Rio Ferdinand really hit it off.

We hear: “Rio asked Diddy for advice and said he’d love to get him involved with his charity. Diddy looked impressed and took his number.”

Diddy’s pyjamas weren’t the only thing causing pandemonium at the Petri. His entourage, which includes a chef and a barber, has ruffled feathers, too.

We’re told: “Diddy is refusing to eat anything that hasn’t been prepared by his own private chef and he insists the kitchen is closed for his chef whenever he wants anything to eat.

“It’s causing mayhem. The hotel are trying to accommodate him, but this is one of their busiest times. The staff are tearing their hair out. It’s a nightmare for them.”

The Petri also had to muster the courage to turn away Snoop Dogg, who arrived with a 32-strong posse – only to be told he hadn’t booked enough rooms.

Rather than breaking up his group, Snoop downgraded to the less prestigious Hotel Front. We wonder if he held a pyjama party there, too…