Doug E. Fresh to co-host the Bad Boys of Comedy

Doug E. Fresh is known as an O.G. and as one of the pioneers of hip-hop. Fresh started his rap career back in the 80’s with the likes of KRS ONE, Grandmaster Flash, the legendary Juice Crew and many other of rap’s early leaders and trail blazers.

Fresh has inspired generations of artists and has had an influence on hip hop ever since he broke into the game, and he is hoping to continue his influence with his newest project; a cartoon series, entitled Ultra Five.

The New York MC is hoping that his cartoon can teach hip-hop fans of all ages the essence of hip hop and its importance in today’s society. “It’s about the five different elements of hip hop. I’m also building a film studio in Harlem,” said Fresh. “I should hopefully be dropping an album too.”

The plans were revealed in London where Fresh and fellow rap legend Big Daddy Kane were performing at a private party for Puma, the footwear company. Fresh also announced that he will be seen on HBO with Sean “Diddy” Combs as co-host of the show Bad Boys of Comedy.

Doug E. also expressed his views on the current state of hip-hop. Much has recently been made of whether hip-hop is dead, or it is thriving. Many artists from the south claim that the south is keeping the pulse thumping, while artists, such as Nas, claim that it isn’t where it should be. Fresh chose to chime in on the issue.

“The current state of hip hop is good to me. I mean, everybody’s making money, people are enjoying themselves, songs are coming out, records are being produced and there’s an independent line now where artist’s have the ability to make independent deals and songs and still get a lot of exposure,” said Fresh. “You’ve got the Internet, over 400 channels, publications, radio, underground radio, all kinds of communication devices like chat rooms and you can sell your songs at the shows. It’s an opportunity for anybody to come out with great music and work it.”