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Bad Boy Forever: Diddy runs the marathon

Diddy runs the marathon

On the 2nd November 2003 Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs aka P. Diddy completed his promise to himself and New York City children by running the New York marathon through Manhatten in the time 4 hrs 14 mins 54 secs. He was racing on his 33rd birthday as he aimed to raise a total of $1 Million for the children of New York as he is contributing to the NYC public school system, the Children’s Hope Foundation (helping with Aids/HIV) and his own charity Daddy’s House. Among those sponsoring Diddy the money were superstars: Bruce Willis, Jay-Z ($25,000) Jennifer Lopez ($39,000), Ben Affleck ($39,000) and Oprah Winfrey as well as the New York mayor Micheal R Bloomberg ($10,000). The end total turned out to be in excess over $2 Million in an overall successful marathon run by Combs.

Combs felt great about his achievement, commenting during his first hour in the race: ‘I feel great. I feel strong’. After the race he has this to say: ‘I definitely wanted to stop, this is definitely a life-changing experience for me because I did not stop.’ Despite his injured right knee before the race Diddy fought bravely and finished with a more than respectable time and feeling proud doing it for the children.