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Bad Boy Forever: Sean John

Sean John

Sean ‘P. Diddy' Combs is a multi-talented man, not only becoming the most successful entertainer and producer, but also launching his own signature collection of casual/smart/sports wear under his own name: Sean John. He launched the label in 1998 as solely men's contemporary wear but has expanded its horizon's to women's wear as well as Bad Boy Athletics. P. Diddy has always been one to set trends in the business and Sean John continues on this as he took advantage of a market was void in well made fashionable urban clothing.

Sean John hit a time of crisis when the ‘National Labour Committee' conducted a research of the conditions of factory workers in Honduras in the summer of 2003. Rumours of disgraceful reports came out with long hours for workers, low wages and terrible conditions. Shortly after these rumours and reports P. Diddy and Sean John smartened up their act increasing wages, making overtime voluntary and better human rights such as free toilet use, clean water and lunches.

Sean Combs revealed in 1998: ‘I always had the idea that I would start my own apparel line, but I wanted to make sure the timing was right and that I had the time to devote to it'. His time and effort put into Sean John clothing has certainly paid off as the label of Sean John alone now brings in excess of $300 million annually. The whole range is inspired by his personal taste in clothing: ‘If you’re into fashion, but you like being comfortable, you’re always going to look good in some Sean Johns' Combs comments. He finally adds: ‘My Dream is to live happily ever after' and Diddy certainly seems to live up to that enjoying his ranking as the richest entertainer under 40. A number of stores are beginning to open world wide.