Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas

Dubbed the Marvin Gaye of Bad Boy, Carl Thomas began singing at open-mike nightclubs in New York and caught the eye of P. Diddy who signed him in 1997 where he made his debut appearance on ‘The World is Filled' on Biggies ‘Life after Death'.

Carl Thomas continued to provide beautiful soulful hooks for Bad Boy artists such as on Black Robs ‘Jasmine' and P. Diddy's ‘Is This the End?'. His choruses didn't go unnoticed by the whole rap industry as he's gone on to make choruses for artists like 8-Ball on ‘Holla Back' and also Noreaga.

Carl Thomas had to wait three years for his debut album but for positive effect as he only matured over those years improving the quality of his lyrics and bringing deeper emotional content into his songs, add this to his beautiful soulful voice and he released a solid debut album named ‘Emotional'.

The album deservedly received a warm reception and has sold over 1.5 million copies to date due to hits like ‘I Wish' which made great use of the piano and ‘Supastar'. His recent album ‘Let's Talk About it' shows how he has improved to an even greater extent and he has filled it with a more RnB feel to get the listeners even more excited.

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Real Name:
Carl Thomas
Soulful and Emphatic
Emotianal (2000), Let's Talk About It (2004)
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His unreleased single "Summer Rain"
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