Dream are the only pop group to be signed to Bad Boy as P. Diddy attempted to transcend cultures with the group and play on all stages. The foursome got noticed when performing at a private showcase in the Beverly Hills hotel and as usual when Diddy was impressed he immediately offered them a contract. The group with their debut album took over he charts reaching number one with their single ‘He Love you Not' and their album has sold over 1.5 million copies to date. The album also includes a cover of New Edition with ‘Mr Telephone Man' and other impressive tracks.

Since their first album they had to replace Melissa but they quickly get a replacement in Kasey and they then came back sounding better and stronger than ever showing a lot of maturity with their new single ‘Crazy' featuring label mate Loon. Unfortunately the album has hit severe delays and it is now unclear on whether they are still part of the Bad Boy family. Their talent in attracting the pop audience is undeniable and their light-hearted music is something new for the label.

Artist info

Real Name:
Diana, Ashley, Holly and Kasey
Light-hearted Pop feel
It was all a Dream (2001)
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Their 2nd album released only in europe

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