Ma$e was born in Florida and moved to Harlem at the age of 5 yet moved back by 13 as his parents were concerned he fell in with the wrong-crowd. He was a skilled basketball player winning a scholarship yet his main ambition was to be a rapper, he started out rapping to his teammates as entertainment and followed this to become a member of the Children of the corn.

The group was disbanded due to a death in the group yet he didn’t give up travelling to Atlanta to try and catch Jermaine Dupri’s eye but instead Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs heard him and immediately signed him to the label.

Ma$e’s charm brought him t the forefront of Bad Boy impressing immediately on his debut verse on ‘Only You (remix)’, and again ‘Can’t Nobody Hold me down’. This he began with Diddy the Shiny suit era which came to full thrust in the single ‘Mo Money mo Problems’ and ‘Feel So Good’.

Ma$e created his own label ‘All Out’ and made the group Harlem World which had his twin sister Stason Betha, Meeno, Cardan, Loon, Blink Blink and Huddy Combs.

He also made his sophomore album ‘Double Up’ but before these two projects reached their full potential he retired leaving behind a video to the single ‘Get Ready’ in order to follow God.

This retirement lasted five years until just recently he made a surprise return after laying down a track for Fa Reel entertainment. He now returns on a 50/50 contract with Bad Boy with the massive smash single ‘Welcome Back’ and a new album, is the rap industry ready for his return?

Artist info

Real Name:
Mason Betha
August 27th 1977
Jacksonville, Florida
Smooth, Lazy flow
Harlem World (1997), Double Up (1999), Welcome back (2004)
Check out:
The group he made back in 98/99: Harlem World

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