New Edition

New Edition

The new boys of Bad Boy, but certainly not new to the RnB industry. Their influence on the whole market has been huge with many younger artists attempting to replicate their style. Their huge catalogue of hits speaks for itself and the number of covers people have done of their tracks including Bad Boys very own ‘Dream’ with ‘Mr Telephone Man’ speaks certain volumes.

The group have had their number of troubles with one of their members Bobby Brown going his own seperate way yet they have come through and are stonger than ever. Now with their experience and talent and Diddy’s influence on the tracks they are certain to be making hit after hit. Their first album on BBE was ‘One Love’ and it was instant classic.

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Real Name:
Ralph Tresvant, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ronnie Devoes
Exuberant, Smooth, confident flow
One Love
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