Yung Joc

Cornbread fed and breed right in the “A”. Atlanta native Yung Joc is a new comer to the game but has the persona of an established rapper. His new hit single “It’s Going Down” is banging on the airwaves all over Atlanta.

Joc was a troubled child that grew up on the South and the West side of Atlanta. He was passed between family members his entire childhood. Despite his rough early years Joc was a creative child that was very inspired by music. At the age of 10 he wanted to emulate the rappers of the time. He was drawn to the lyrics regarding pain, passion, and determination in songs by the likes of Slick Rick, Dana Dane, Run DMC, Ice-T and others.

Over the years Joc has been apart of several underground rap groups. He has learned that quality is better than quantity. He will work on one song until he feels it is right. Joc intends on setting a new pace in the industry. He wants to revitalize the game not change it.

Yung Joc’s entrance into Atlanta’s music mainstream was brought to fruition by “Block” aka Russell Spencer of Block Enterprises. He is the founder of Boyz N Da Hood who are signed to Bad Boy South. Joc is the first rapper on “Block’s” label “Block Enterprises”.

Even though he is a product of the streets growing up with his back against the wall Joc remains inspired by his love of music. His level of aspiration and determination is ever present. He believes there is no room for error. “You have to plan your work and work your plan”.

You can listen to his new track Its Goin Down right now.

Yung Joc has a dance that he performs in the “Its Goin Down” Video. According to Yung Joc, the dance is called “Joc-in”. Yung Joc references the Harlem shake as his inspiration. He also mentions bankhead bouncing, and the current snap music movement.

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Real Name:
Jasiel Robinson
College Park section of Atlanta, Georgia
New Joc City (2006)
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Freestyle with Young Boss
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