G-dep nicknamed the deputy joined Bad Boy in 99' after Black Rob recommended him to Diddy who listened to his demo and decided to put him on a couple of tracks on Black Rob's ‘Life Story'. Impressed by G-Dep's unique style Diddy immediately signed him to the Bad Boy label and he made a couple of appearances on Puff Daddy's ‘Forever' and Biggies ‘Born Again'. His debut album ‘Child of the Ghetto' introduced G-dep to the world and he kept his street game consistent. The Banger ‘Special Delivery' produced by Ez Elpee gave him the credibility he deserved. This was successfully remixed for a single off the album ‘We invented the remix' which again stormed the charts.

Despite his successful dance floor single ‘Let's Get It' which introduced the Harlem Shake he failed to make huge sales on the label and his album remains one of the most bootlegged albums to date. His contribution the family is shown on ‘The Saga Continues' making some of the best tracks on the album including ‘Child of the Ghetto' which shows his raw street ability and also his successful collaborations with the family. G-dep just recently released a mixtape called ;The Deputy: The sheriff is back in town' so be sure to check that out and feel his hunger for the game.

Artist info

Real Name:
Harlem, New York
Street, Rough flow
Child of the Ghetto (2001)
Check out:
His mixtape called "The Deputy: The Sheriff Is Back in Town, Volume 1"

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